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Beautiful Sedona: A Nature Photographer's Paradise

Featured Sedona photo of the month.When it comes to appreciating the unique natural beauty of Sedona, there's simply no substitute for experiencing the profound silence and magic light of this amazing area directly through your own senses. But of course that doesn't stop photographers from trying to capture the essence of this place in two dimensions anyway.

To help you get better pictures we've created the web's most complete resource for photography in Sedona. We've included hundreds of high quality images -- both from around town as well as tradtional landscapes -- complete with trail descriptions, GPS coordinates and special photographer tips. If you're looking to discover the hidden gems and unique perspectives only the locals know about, then you've come to the right place!

Sedona has been acclaimed as "the most beautiful place in America" by USA Today; one of "the best small towns in America" by Fodor's; one of the top 10 most beautiful cities in the U.S. by Good Morning America; and one of the top 15 destinations in the U.S. by Trip Advisor.  Boasting over 150 official trails in approximately 20 square miles, Sedona is also considered to be the "Day Hiking Capital of the Universe" by expert hikers everywhere.

Located at the base of the Colorado Plateau, Sedona is truly a photographer's paradise like no other. There are four distinct seasons and three different habitats to choose from: the creek, the red rock cliffs, and the forested mesa tops. These spectacular habitats inspire people from all over the world to come here.

Best Sedona Photo of the Month

Title: Monsoon Sunset Over Cathedral Rock
Location: Upper Red Rock Loop Rd
Time of Day: Sunset

The Vortex Galleries

Sedona is also famous for it's New Age spiritual community and Vortex sites, which believers claim have almost magical powers to heal the body and expand consciousness. Visitors come from all over the world seeking spiritual experiences in these power centers. Whether there is really a unique energy coming from the land in these sites or not is a subject that's open to debate, but no one argues about the beauty of the four sites originally identified as having Vortex energy by psychic Paige Bryant back in 1980. Therefore it's not surprising that Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon and Cathredral Rock are the focus of nature photographers as well as New Age believers.


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With so much geology, topography, pioneer history and Native American archaeology going in on in Northern Arizona, recreational and photographic opportunities abound. No matter whether you prefer to explore Sedona on a driving tour, mountain bike, helicopter, or any of the more than 150 official hiking trails that crisscross the surrounding wilderness, Sedona is full of hidden gems and human activities that will keep your shutter clicking. Better bring extra batteries and a bigger memory card!